Sunday, July 12, 2009

Amazing actors

I was curious of all the hype of Twilight several months ago, so I rented the movie, then bought it. but then my curiousity took off again, 'cause everyone was talking about Kristen and Rob like wildfire. So I've been trying to find their earlier movies.

Rob in "The Bad Mother's Handbook" was so different in it. It was a good movie and I loved the ending. He was good in Harry Potter, too. :)

Now, on to Kristen Stewart.. What can I say. "Twilight" she kicked butt on, "Into the wild", she was good in, but "The Cake Eaters"? My Goodness, no one else could've done it like she did.
Heard she was a doing a biopic on Joan Jett, love to see that.

Oh, and they both are both good singer/musicians, too.

Watching that last one started me thinking of other good actors, the ones that do movies outside of their normal genre.
Harrison Ford on "Regarding Henry"
Halle Berry in "Gothica"
Sean Connery in "Medicine Man"
Liam Neeson just does a wide range of things. :)
Just saw "Taken" and he was awesome!

I'm sure there are more great actors out there that I've missed, but I can't watch ALL the movies made, but I'm working on it. :)