Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fizzgig Rant

I'm really getting fed up with people that scate by or get stuff for nothing. I just saw that the Octomom is getting a new house AND getting round-the-clock care FREE. Can you believe it?! I swear.....She had no reason to have all those kids, being a single mom. Six was enough.

Another one.....ex(63) is getting disability because he can't deal with life and drinks....alot! recently I found out someone helped him get retirement....retirement?! for what? he's been working under the table most of his life and very little for the past 6 years.
So, he's getting more money then Im working my tail off for.

I guess I can go for disabilty too, I do suffer from wanderlust and I have curmudgeons disease and NDD(nature deficit disorder) :)

I sacrifice my sanity for Russ. I can only work M-F during the day because of bad day cares. It took me a year to find this good one that he's at now. But, the hours that I choose to work cut down the kinds of jobs. The job I have now(BK)...most of my shift I do 2 jobs, sometimes, depending on who I work with, I do 3 jobs. because these young people don't like to work, they come to work to socialize. I get so angry sometimes, but I don't like making waves.

My blood pressure is too high, 172/90 when I last checked last month. It's going down slightly due to herbal meds.

Well. enough of the complaining. I'll be out of this flat, boring state soon enough.

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HermitJim said...

It does make you wonder sometimes, doesn't it? Those that work hard, earn little...including respect!

Hang in there, WolfDancer...