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by: Young, Gary, N.D.

OUR FARM Years ago, there were a lot of oils produced in the United States. Early colonists used conifer oils and birch oils, and lavender, sage and even melissa were grown up until the beginning of World War II for their oils. At that time, chemicals started evolving in the food flavouring, cosmetic and fragrance industries. As a result, there have been no more essential oils produced in North America for aromatherapy phytomedicines since 1942 until we started growing and developing our own fields. We have grown from 1/8 acre in 1989 to 5,500 acres and five distilleries today. In 1995 we expanded to Utah which sits on the same parallel that runs through Spain and Turkey where the majority of the oil production in the world takes place. We have a high desert climate there and summer temperatures of 103 to 104 degrees. It takes high temperatures to produce the oil in the plants, and we believe that we have produced the finest quality of essential oils that have ever been analyzed in the world today. We have a visitor center, park, playground and an animal zoo with over 200 exotic animals, so it is a fun place that I created because I want people to come and have an opportunity to get in touch with nature. We are one hour south of the Salt Lake Airport, right along highway 15.
pH OF THE SOIL Some of our fields had a high acidity with a pH of 5 to 6, and others had a pH of 8 or 9, which was too basic, and we had to bring it down. We trucked in two million tons of manure from organic dairies to build our fields; then we sprayed the fields with microbes and enzymes and put compost on. Last week our soil analysis came back at 7.5 pH which is perfect. All aromatic plants need a soil pH between 7 and 8.

WEEDS AND HERBICIDES People ask us how we handle weeds and grass in that much acreage. We have found a couple of things that work fairly well. We have a Christmas herbicide called “hoe, hoe, hoe” and it is not cheap; that’s why many people have gone away from it. When you are producing aromatic oils, you cannot afford to have weeds and grasses in the plants because the chlorophyll in distillation will alter the oil molecules. In the perfume business that doesn’t matter, and for some aromatherapists it doesn’t matter because they don’t know the difference, but it matters to us. So we spent a lot of money making sure we didn’t have weeds. I have been experimenting with a new herbicide for the last four years which is a combination of the essential oils cinnamon and pine oil, surfactants and lecithin. Lecithin is an emulsifier. We have been spraying this on the grasses and it has been very effective.

SYNTHETIC AND ADULTERATED OILS We have a gas chromatogram as well as four outside laboratories to analyze our oil samples because there is so much adulteration on the market. You have to be familiar with essential oils in order to understand why there would be adulteration.
France is the lavender capital of the world and has been for many years. It has been said that there are 7,000 acres in totalityof French lavender production, producing only 20 to 25 lb. of oil per acre. There are approximately 52,000 acres of lavendin in production producing 150 lb. of oil per acre, so the cost of lavendin is substantially cheaper. When you take into account that International Fragrances and Flavours (IFF) and Quest are the two largest oil brokers in the world, that Quest purchases 147 tons of oil per week (not year, per week) and IFF buys two times more per week than Quest, when you add all of that up you soon discover that there is not enough lavender produced to supply even two oil companies. How can it be? It is called synthetic. The biggest scam that has been perpetrated on the North American continent has been the scam of adulterated and synthetic oils being marketed as pure essential oils. Do you think that a little oil marketer can outbid IFF and Quest for essential oils? So what are they doing? They are replacing lavender with lavendin. They have found they can heat the lavendin up to 17,000 degrees centigrade and flash off the camphor. In lavender, the camphor runs at 0.2 to 0.5 %. That is why lavender will heal even a third degree burn, whereas lavendin will intensify the burn. So they are removing the camphor and adding up to 6% synthetic lenolol acetate and that came on the market last year as pure lavender oil in America. They are not just doing this to one oil; this is happening with many oils.

How do I get pure oils? We are growing them, but we are producing only 10% of what we are marketing. In 1985, I began travelling to Europe to study and learn to plant, harvest and distill, going to the fields of the small growers, the old-timers. These same people produce for me now, and that is how we get our pure oils.

LIMBIC SYSTEM OF THE BRAIN Molecules of essential oil are picked up by the nasal cavity, carried past the pineal and pituitary glands right to the smell sensory cortex. Every endocrine gland in the brain is affected simultaneously and instantly within microseconds of the inhalation of essential oil molecules. Research at Cornell University in 1989 demonstrated that the only stimulus that triggered a response in the amygdala was smell. The amygdala is the gland that controls sexual drive, desire and appetite, as well as trauma, flight and fear. When this gland is stimulated, old experiences often come to the surface.

OXYGENATION PROPERTIES OF ESSENTIAL OILS The sap of the plant, like our blood, carries oxygen, nutrients and antibacterial elements to regenerate the plant tissue. What could be a more ideal form of medicine than a substance that functions like the blood of the human body? This substance can be in the roots, the seed, the leaf, flower, bark, needle, the pitch or hard gum (such as frankincense and myrrh), or it can be in the whole plant. Essential oils have a major purpose both in our bodies and in the plant. Essential oils increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the individual cell fuel, which increases the uptake of oxygen in the plant and in the blood and in the tissues of our bodies. Laboratory studies have now documented molecules such as sesquiterpenes and phenols which are responsible for carrying the highest level of oxygen molecules. Essential oils are also immune stimulating, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Research at Vienna University and the University of Berlin in 1994 demonstrated that sesquiterpenes in frankincense and sandalwood are responsible for oxygenating the pineal and pituitary glands. Essential oils can increase blood oxygen up to 21%. They showed brain scan thermography photos before and after the inhalation of sandalwood and frankincense showing the increased absorption of oxygen. That explains why when you inhale an essential oil you may experience a euphoric feeling. Today we don’t have enough oxygen in our atmosphere. If you put an oil diffuser in your home, providing you use a pure oil, it can increase brain oxygen. It has been documented that it increases endorphins and neurotransmitters.

DRIED HERBS When we cut the plant and dehydrate it, we evaporate 98% of that life force. When you use fresh herbs for flu and colds, you will notice a change within 20 to 30 minutes. If you take that same herb in a dried capsule form, you don’t get those results. That is what stimulated my research into putting oils back into my herbal formulas to stabilize them. It took me two years to figure out how to do that, and to my knowledge, no one else has done that to this day.

TANSY Tansy vulgare grown in other parts of the world does not have the same chemical properties as the American tansy vulgare. You will read in chemistry books that it is toxic, but the man who operates our distillery was crippled with arthritis and had congestive heart failure when I met him five years ago. He started rubbing tansy right out of the condenser on his joints and that man can walk miles today. He doesn’t dilute it; he rubs it on neat. Then he asked me if he could rub tansy on a tumour which he had had for seven years, but had never had it checked. I said no because essential oils only stay in your body about 20 minutes and they are gone, unless you are using an adulterated or synthetic oil (and then it will stay forever). But he started rubbing the tansy oil on the tumour anyway; and it began to shrink in three days; in seven days it was gone. He doesn’t have congestive heart failure any more. And they say tansy is neurotoxic? Folks, beware of many of the aromatherapy books on the market. Most of the information has been passed around over and over, plagiarized and changed so many times that the accuracy is in question.

CLARY SAGE The statement in aromatherapy books that clary sage is an abortant factor came about through sloppy research at Warwick University. They took the uterus out of a rat, leaving it attached, turned it inside out and put a drop of cold clary sage oil on the exposed internal wall of the uterus and it contracted. Thank God they didn’t put a drop of cold water on it or no one would be able to drink cold water today because it would cause abortions. Dr. Harkess began to label every oil that contained sclerol as an abortant factor. There has never been an abortion known or documented in the history of mankind caused by essential oils. Yes, clary sage and sage and fennel contain sclerol. Clary sage has the highest level. Use it with caution. I have used clary sage with pregnant women right through their entire pregnancies and use it in greater amounts to encourage dilation and delivery. However, all substances can be toxic if you overdose.

FRANKINCENSE Physicians used to use frankincense oil to heal every ailment known to man. Early physicians also had to be priests. So frankincense has the oldest history as a holy anointing oil. Frankincense has been found to be beneficial as an anticatarrhal agent. It breaks up plaque and catarrh and discharges it out of the body. It prevents scarring. If you have had an injury, or surgery or have recently had a baby, use frankincense and lavender because lavender is loaded with anti-scarring properties and you can heal that tissue without a scar. It is an immunostimulant, antidepressant and anti-tumoural. Doctors in Europe prescribe these oils for asthma, bronchitis, ulcers, plaque, cancer, immunodeficiencies, and nervous depression.
Frankincense is often adulterated like most oils in North America. The adulterant is diethylthylate, which is used in all perfumes. Most skin care products carry it because it is odourless, so it doesn't change the fragrance, but it extends the perfume fragrance by 84%. Now chromatograms show that pure oils have a much higher percentage of active ingredients. If your oil is not pure, do not use it, because it will cause complications. Some adulterated oils are carcinogenic.

LAVENDER You must absolutely have lavender in your home, but it must be pure lavender. There is not another substance in the world that we know of today that will heal a first, second or third degree burn as fast as lavender will. I have watched it and witnessed it personally. If you have insomnia, rub it on your tummy, your neck, your shoulders and the bottom of your feet. It is a beautiful experience to let the esters and aldehydes in that lavender calm the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and relax you. It helps headaches, PMS symptoms, and arthritic pain. Lavender covers such a multitude of sins. It’s just fabulous.

LEMON is a beautiful oil. It is high in sesquiterpines. So are lavender and peppermint. Lemon stimulates the production of leukocytes so it is a very powerful immune supporter for the body. Lemon oil is a very powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent. If you have a sore throat, inflamed tonsils, take two or three drops of lemon oil in a glass of water, gargle with it, sip on it, and you will be amazed at how quickly that sore throat will disappear. Lemon oil is very powerful in its vitamin P action for increasing microcirculation. It will help to prevent varicose veins, spider veins and blood hemorrhaging particularly if you use it with cypress oil. Lemon oil helps increase the circulation to the eyes. Put it in your diffuser and let it fill the house. Put it on your night table and let it mist your face. It is a powerful antiseptic for improving hygiene if you use it in your dishwasher and your washing machine. Put it in a spray bottle and use it for polishing your furniture instead of Lemon Pledge, which is synthetic. Put it in your Rainbow vacuum cleaner and in your carpet shampoo. It is incredible how it will sterilize your home environment where bacteria gathers. If you get grease or gum on your clothes, put lemon oil on the stain.

PEPPERMINT OIL This is another beautiful oil that everyone in the family needs to have. It has a fabulous ability to prevent vomiting, nausea, cramping, and diarrhea. Take just two drops of peppermint oil in a glass of water. Parasites do not like peppermint oil, so it is a parasite chaser. It will reduce body temperature if you have a fever. With children just rub it on the bottom of their feet with a little olive oil. When you are using essential oils on children, always dilute the oil with a vegetable oil.

EUCALYPTUS OILS are very good for respiratory problems. I make blends specific for respiratory problems. People who have asthma, emphysema, pneumonia and respiratory problems respond best and fastest through rectal retention enemas. Put 40 drops of an essential oil with a teaspoon of olive oil in the rectum at night, retain it through the night, and you will feel incredible in the morning.

PATCHOULI AND MYRRH These are good for beautiful skin. Myrrh is also beautiful for throat infections and laryngitis.

THIEVES’ BLEND We tested out thieves’ blend on four different virus colonies. Out of those four colonies, it killed all the viruses at 99.9% with absolute zero mutation. That formula is now in our toothpaste. We have the first oral toothpaste on the market with documented published research on the killing of oral bacteria without using sodium laurel sulfate. Dentarome is the name of it.

DILUTION You must know the level of phenols, carbonyls, terrapins and citrols in your oils because they are caustic to the skin. So you can cause skin irritation very easily if you don’t know what you are doing. A lot of people overuse oils. Instead of using one drop, they will use 10 or 15 drops. Ten or 15 drops will do no more for a person than one drop in most cases. So keep that in mind. When you first start out with somebody who has never used oils, it is wise to thin the oil and check their sensitivity level first. Another way you can check their sensitivity is to take one little drop, put it right behind the ear, and if it starts to turn red and spread from that site, you know they have sensitivity. So you definitely want to thin your oils and experiment with them.

EXODUS II I know we will be able to stop virus mutations with essential oils and combinations thereof. I have a combination called Exodus II, using the oils right out of the Bible, formulating them in a similar formulation. We have seen conditions reversed that could be reversed with nothing else, like respiratory and Epstein Barr conditions. We have three medically documented cases of lupus that have been totally reversed with one single oil blend called immune power. Without question, the essential oils are God’s gift to man and they are truly the missing link in medicine.
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Gary has been invited back to Toronto in the fall for a three-day seminar on Essential Oils. For more information, please call Sabina DeVita at 905-451-4475.
If you wish to purchase Gary Young’s essential oils, please contact Consumer Health Organization at 416-490-0986. Gary Young’s book Aromatherapy: The Essential Beginning and his booklet An Introduction to Young Living Essenetial Oils and Aromatherapy is also available at Consumer Health.

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